Ponderize 10-19


My scripture of the week was Psalm 37: 7

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

The first line is pretty explanatory. We should put our faith in Heavenly Father, and wait for his answers, his timing… and trust that doing so is what will keep us on his path. Essentially, we should resist the temptation to take things into our own hands out of impatience, or lack of trust.

” Fret not”…How I read it, we should not stress ourselves over anyone who prospers, or seems to have accomplished gain via their own “wicked” ways/ methods. I think that it also indicates that we should not worry about the apparent lack of someone having negative repercussions ( or “punishment”) for achieving things for themselves in ill-begotten ways.

As I have mentioned in previous scripture-posts, patience seems to be a virtue (and skill) that frequently appears as something that is required of us to develop in order to be closer to Heavenly Father, and receive guidance. Patience builds our character… it tests our loyalty, trust, endurance, faith….and helps us to have greater appreciation and gratitude for the guidance, and blessings that we are given. However, patience can be difficult. It is easy to feel forgotten as time passes, especially as we watch others around us achieve what we so desperately long for. It can seem unfair to wait and obey, while we watch others gain, and achieve things through questionable methods. We may see those people as happy, and reaping-in great rewards that are denied to us….and then feel further slighted when they appear to be able to employ “wicked” means without any consequences. Seeing this may cause some to be tempted to cease “resting in the Lord”, and instead follow the example of those who appear to get it all without having to pay for their actions.

The thing is, we cannot see beyond the surface. We have no way of knowing the true situation of others– how happy they really are, how long things will last for them, or what the end result of their actions will be. We only see a small fraction of the story, and have no way of conceiving what their journey is, what their lessons to be learned are…..and what Heavenly Father has planned for them. In some cases, people may not even have awareness that they are doing something wrong. However, those of us who do have awareness may be held to a greater accountability if we step away from the path, and grab forbidden fruits ( per se).

Ultimately, we are supposed to look beyond immediate wants and desires, and look towards a larger, eternal picture. We should resist the urge to juxtapose our situation against the circumstances of others…. especially if it tempts us to become impatient, and abandon what we know is the “right way”—it could lead us in directions not really meant for us. Waiting, proving our trust and loyalty…..is what keeps us on the path that He intends for us, and towards eternal goals and blessings. Straying, and using other means may seem to result in immediate fulfillment of desires, but they very well could be temporary, rather than ever-lasting. It is all about keeping perspective on the big eternal goals, rather than the tiny, immediate mortal ones.

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