Hi there! My name is Delaney. Who am I? Well, I guess I am someone who is spiritually-minded, artistic, and perhaps a little quirky/ different when it comes to my sense of humor, and how I sometimes view things. I love to sing (classically trained), and have an avid passion for theatre. I studied both subjects at Oregon State University.

I have always found it easier to communicate myself through written form, and I typically have things constantly running through my head in terms of, “How I would explain this in writing”. I also have story-lines that have been within me for years, but are still waiting to actually be written-out. This blog essentially is intended to give myself an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, perceptions, reactions to things etc…. It really does not have a specific topic of focus (other than whatever happens to be tickling at my brain). I think that this blog will be a healthy way for me to reveal more of myself to others, considering that I have a history of sometimes being quiet in those kind of areas (or at least rather selective with who I share with). It is time to break outside of my bubble.

I should mention that I am a Spiritual/ Intuitive Life and Relationship Coach. This likely will reflect in a lot of my posts due to interactions with clients stirring things-up in my head. I often feel like I am packed with a vast storage of information from observations that could potentially help others, but lack the platform to do so. Over the years I have assisted with literally thousands of relationship situations, and as unique as everyone thinks that their issues and relationships are, really…. I constantly see the same issues, patterns, themes, and reasons behind them… well as emotional responses, mental reasonings etc… that happen. It is very likely these subjects will arise a lot in my blog posts. I am single, do not have children, so I know that some people (in “normal life”– not clients) raise eyebrows at me, or want to dismiss my knowledge and advice for that reason. Though I may not have experienced some things first-hand, I have reviewed/ seen more situations from a birds-eye view than people can comprehend, and thus have more knowledge than is apparent. Of course, I will also at times tie-in my own experiences, things I have over-come, learned-from etc… I also am very interested in exploring topics related to self-awareness and self-improvement.Ā  Really, again, its kind of an “anything goes” kind of blog.

I should put a clause in that I am not a medical professional. I do not want to give that impression. Rather, I just am someone who has seen a lot, done a great deal of research etc… and who also has quite a few things floating around in her head at times. I simply am sharing observations, perspectives, and possible solutions based on those elements. Additionally, I love to learn, and I actively strive to look for ways to improve upon my own self. Take it as you will. šŸ™‚ Happy reading. Please feel free to comment and give feedback. šŸ™‚

~ Delaney Lynn



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