A New Year, a New Me.



This entry is of a personal nature…..just a bit of a life update. I keep intending to write articles, especially ponderize ones (and even have a couple entries that I have started and saved as drafts, and other ideas for future articles that I have made notes on), but time has been a commodity lately. That typically happens during December— the rush to juggle clients with holiday planning, events, wrapping etc…. so all of that limited the ability to poke around for hours at a time writing.

I prepared for, and jumped into auditions last week, and am super happy and excited to be in a musical production after a long dry spell of that kind of activity. I have missed it more than I can express, especially the social aspects. So the good news is that the goals I have been working towards are being realized…..and I could not be happier. I get to sing, play with people, and not be such a hermit. As much as I enjoy helping my clients, I need to remember to engage in more of a life for my own self…..and I am striving towards that.  I also am on “phase two” of sorts when it comes to my weight-loss and health goals, and have hopes ( or rather determination!), to complete that this year. So in general, things are picking-up momentum. Last year was very difficult due to the loss of my sister, and everything just kind of shifted….and I am trying to both get back on track, as well as to improve upon many things, and “live” more ( which I know is what she would want me to do).  I hope to have more time to write, and complete the drafts that I have saved later this week. Funny, I realize not many read my blog, but I just love to write and explore…. put little peeks at my inner-workings “out there” so to speak…. so I have felt the tug to get back to writing, and look forward to it.


Happy New Year Everyone. 🙂

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