“Let’s Start at the Very Begining, a Very Good Place to Start….”


This is what results when my rambling mind will not allow sleep—–I get an urge to actually follow-through with a brief idea from earlier in the day ( or rather, yesterday).     I had a blog for professional purposes a couple of years ago, but ceased writing due to a change of policy by company I contract through ( they stated that any written materials used in promotions would become their property, and could not be used anywhere/ for anything else etc….).   I am thinking that I might use it as a place for random musings, reactions, things that I am focused on.   I think it will be nice to write more from my own thoughts and life happenings, rather than with the angle of intending to cater to the interest of clients.    Whether I will keep with it is a bit of a mystery, I intend to start projects of this nature with big intentions, but then get pulled-away to other pursuits and time consumers.

I added a couple of my old blog entries/ articles just to get something in the pot,  and to give a taste of what it is I do when not talking about my cats on facebook, or singing in the bathroom.   This blog here though will be more personal in nature. I think.    Will just see how it organically develops.

~ Delaney

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