Try Not to Wait for the Pot of Life to Boil.



Life can be very scary.   There are so many desires and goals, yet also on the flip-side numerous unknowns and factors that we cannot control.    This results in a lot of stress, and often focusing on things in a way that can become unhealthy.   Be it hoping for a relationship to mend, or to land that great job, get into that school……sometimes there is only so much we can physically do—-and yet still we focus, clench, and watch the phone.    Other things get neglected in the process, and it can become difficult to attend to the other factors, activities, and people in our lives.  In some cases it can become hard to find any joy in anything due to all focus being placed on the one thing desired.

I guess what I am saying is, sometimes we really just need to accept that we cannot control everything—or make it happen when, and how we want it to.   Sometimes we have to just be able to tell ourselves that we have done everything that we can, and then try to let go and trust the rest of it in the hands of God.    Relax, let go, live in the moment and drink in what comes to us, what is around us… grateful for what we do have, instead of creating a form of self-torture for that one thing we are reaching for.

In so many ways, it is like watching a pot come to a boil.   If we sit and stare, wait, count each tiny little bubble……. the wait and process can be agonizing and seem to take an eternity.   However, when we step away from the stove and focus on, and enjoy other things for a while…..well, then almost like magic we find that pot boiling and ready for what we need.    The same is so true in life.   We have the choice of locking ourselves down into a state of negative focus on a single thing, or allowing ourselves to roll with what comes,  and enjoy what else life has to offer in the mean time.

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